How we can help you


Aside from crunching the numbers, we are proud of our ability to communicate complex financial transactions or information in a succinct manner using pictures, graphs and language readily understandable by non-accountants.The forensic accountant’s role is to understand the accounting records and show the true nature of the transactions being recorded.


We are often tasked with investigating fraud. By its very nature, fraud is commonly hidden in the accounting systems of organisations, which means a forensic accountant is usually required to unravel the transaction history and reveal what has actually occurred.
We have particular experience in investigating fraud, reviewing the details of corporate or shareholder disputes, and inspecting insurance claims. We also have specific familiarity in asset tracking and in recovery, both within New Zealand and throughout different countries and jurisdictions.


We have years of experience in helping relationship partners whose relationship has ended and who want to have a new life with a fair share of the relationship property. Our expert services include:

  • Investigation of what is relationship property
  • Identifying evidence to support the relationship period
  • Valuation of the relationship property
  • Establishing timelines to support your claim to relationship property
  • Analysing financial information
  • Examining claims of separate property
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