Forensic Accounting Services in Hamilton

When you or your business is involved in financial or other disputes, it is important that you have somebody who is an expert on your side. This is where we come in.
Indepth Forensic can provide litigation support to legal teams and expert witness testimony as required in these matters.

Our Services and Expertise

Forensic Reports

By providing detailed and well-written forensic reports, we can aid you in your ongoing dispute.

Investigative Skills

We are skilled investigators with a talent for gathering information and thnking outside the box.

Formal Litigation

We can produce quality information about your finances. This information is to a standard that is suitable for use in court.

Relationship Property

Have you come to the end of a relationship? We can help you with relationship property disputes

Contractual Disputes

We can aid you in a contractual dispute by providing vital evidence.

Court-Appointed Experts

We can act as expert witnesses in your case.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

If you are having trouble handling your debts or expenses, we can provide professional support.

Proceeds of Crime Investigation

We can create reports which aid in preventing the forfeiture of your assets. 

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